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Two weeks ago, Jimmy and I parked our car at the cold Denver airport and headed to Sebring Florida for the Sebring hour bike race on February The annual Sebring races are an early-season racing opportunity for the cycling ultra-endurance set. Four races happen concurrently — a century mile race, a hour draft-legal here, a 24 hour draft-legal race, and a hour non-drafting race.

Multiple categories exist within those races, depending on type of bike ridden. This format of bike racing was an all new adventure for me. The rules are simple: You do this by riding in a series of circles — first in a very small loop on the Sebring Formula One race track, then in an mile road loop, then in a series of mile road loops, and then eventually on more race track circles at the end.

In the hour race, you could choose new 2012 online casinos ride alone — as in a traditional time trial — or with a group — as in a traditional bike race. The race started at 6: The first three laps of the race were in the dark on the race track.

In discussions with my coach Greg, we more info decided that I should go out hard, in the hopes of finding a group to ride with that would allow me to go here fast while also conserving energy in the early hours of the race.

Riding hard at the beginning of a twelve-hour effort scared me, because it seemed to increase the risk exponentially of blowing up early. Still I knew that finding a group of fast riders was the only way that I would be able to ride as fast as possible. So I was not at all confident that the record was within my reach, especially given my lack of experience with this type of racing.

But the number did give me something to aim at, and be inspired by. So I went out hard. So hard, in fact, that within 10 minutes I was struggling to stay with the front group of riders. So, I concluded within ten minutes, no braking — just lean to the outside and hope real hard.

Off the track and onto the road, I was surprised to find myself still with the front pack. We rode together through Sebring and north on mostly farm roads towards the turnaround in a small town called Frostproof. I had never visited central Florida before, and I was surprised to see horses, trees and even a few series of rolling hills. The group I was riding with was made up of recumbents and regular bikes, probably about 12 people in total.

I made the decision to drop off the back of that pack, despite knowing that it meant my pace would slow. At the time, I was not at all confident in this decision — especially as I watched the group move online casino dealer hiring 2014 makati away and out of sight. Nearing the turnaround, I was able to gauge where I was relative to the other riders in front of and behind me.

The front pack was already more than 5 minutes ahead of me, and I mentally kicked myself for giving online casino dealer hiring 2014 makati my ride on that freight train. The incredible Sarah Cooper was only about 2 minutes behind me at the time — despite the fact that she was racing in the hour, non-drafting race.

I simultaneously smiled, waved, and shook my head in amazement when I saw her. I rode the rest of the mile road loop on my own, save a few miles with a group of three recumbent riders who caught me after the turnaround from Frostproof. At one point, we were riding in a paceline and a crew of supporters were on the side of the road holding bottles. Mistaking them for a neutral support crew, I tried to take a bottle from one of them. It turned out that they were the crew for the guys I was riding here, and that in my attempt to online casino dealer hiring 2014 makati one of their bottles I had caused one of the riders to miss his planned drink exchange.

After apologizing, I found out that the rider I had inadvertently tried to sabotage was Allan Duhm, a cyclist who I had been hoping to meet and who is riding the Trans Am this year.

Still, sorry we had to meet that way, Allan. Coming back into the racetrack for a pit stop to pick up food and drink from Jimmy, I was hot, tired and dehydrated.

I was less than five hours into this race, and already hurting. What was I doing? Why did I think this was online casino dealer hiring 2014 makati good idea? In an attempt to make myself feel better, I grabbed a donut from Jimmy and slammed it as I headed back onto the road for the first of the click here loops.

Immediately, I was hit with a wave of nausea. While the mile loop is a rather pleasant route of good pavement, a couple of rollers, and even some change of scenery, I rode the first three loops feeling sick and hateful. At the end of the third loop, I put my foot down literally when I saw Jimmy.

Please click for source looked at me and handed me a bag of ice. Miraculously, on the fourth loop, my fate — and mood — made a significant rebound. About halfway through, a pack that was remnants click the following article the front group I had been riding with earlier in the race lapped me.

Pushing hard, I was able to ride into their draft and hold on to their wheels for the rest of that loop. It appears the chatter this web page have been enjoying the chatting more than the chattee. I lost the group after a few loops, but by then my mindset had shifted and I was feeling much more strong and confident. Strangely, despite several hours of feeling low, I was still on track for my goal times to hit miles in twelve hours.

To do that, I would need to finish 13 of the mile loops plus one lap on the racetrack. On my last turn of the miler, I heard the sound of a gear change behind me, as Marko Baloh came powering by me. Marko is a Slovenian ultra-cycling legend — among other accomplishments he has finished the Race Across America six times and set the 24 hour World Record — and someone had told me he was out to break the Sebring hour record today.

This was his second time to lap me, meaning that he was 22 miles ahead, but I saw an opportunity, stood up on my pedals and cranked to catch his rear wheel. The increase in speed was immediate. Suddenly, I was riding so fast — and having fun! When we arrived back at the pit, race volunteers directed us back onto the track. As we flew through the crowd of spectactors, I got a glimpse of the race clock: I knew I had to make it one lap of the track to hit the mile record, and I was bound and determined to do it as fast as possible.

As I pulled online casino dealer hiring 2014 makati of his draft I had to minimum deposit 5 casino even harder to ride by him.

I rode in front for about 45 seconds, and he politely sat on my wheel, until my heart threatened to leap out of my chest. I was able to get in two more laps on the track alone, and as I finished my last lap the clock read 11 hours and 54 minutes. So online casino dealer hiring 2014 makati race was over. In the end, I completed miles in just under twelve hours. A human-powered vehicle and four recumbent bikes were faster.

Jimmy was waiting for me at the finish line, and I laid on the ground for a while, both relieved to be finished and confused about what the day had meant.

Two weeks later, I am still not entirely sure. I am happy to have finished, and I surprised myself with the result. I was so lucky to have Jimmy there to support me — and to push online casino dealer hiring 2014 makati on when I wanted to stop. He believed in my ability to reach an ambitious goal, even though I was entirely skeptical.

And eventually, I think it came to online casino dealer hiring 2014 makati my own. For now, the work continues.

My eyes are mostly on the 2,mile Transcontinental Online casino dealer hiring 2014 makati across Europe from Belgium to Greece that begins on July Sebring Hour Race Report. On the way back from Frostproof. Can I stop, please? This outfit is weird. Missed the awards ceremony because I was online casino dealer hiring 2014 makati. Recently Posted Round and Round:

Sample VTR

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